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The Carroll County fairs have been a cherished tradition since the 1870s, reflecting the community's agricultural roots and evolving social fabric. The fair's journey began in 1871 when the Carroll County Fair Association acquired the original fairgrounds from the Carroll Agricultural and Mechanical Association. Situated at the corner of Hwy 227 & Hwy 42, this location hosted several fairs until it was sold in 1879.

A significant milestone occurred in 1908 when the fair was held in Sanders, KY, and was known as the Tri-County Fair. Admission was set at 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children under 12. That year, the event was proudly referred to as the "1st Annual Carroll County Fair" in the fair catalog.

In 1920, the fair found a new venue in Carrollton, hosted in a warehouse on 4th Street. By 1924, the Farm Bureau had taken the helm, continuing the annual celebration each October. The fair's venue shifted again in 1927 to Lerman’s Building on Main Street, managed privately and now housing the Jefferson Community College.

In 1928, management returned to the Carroll County Fair Association, marking a new era of continuity. By 1934, the fair relocated to a larger venue, the Henry County Warehouse on 8th Street, which later became the site of the William L. Wheeler Hall of Justice and detention center.

World War II brought a temporary halt to the fair between 1942 and 1945. Post-war, the fair resumed at the Brite-Lite Tobacco Warehouse on U.S. 42 until 1947. In 1948, a pause due to lack of venue spurred the Fair Board to seek a permanent location.

The fairs were subsequently held on what is now the Carroll County High School grounds, originally designated in 1946 as the Carroll County War Memorial Recreation Center, a gift from R.M. Barker who also contributed $5,000 to the fair board.

In 1949, the fair diversified, introducing a boxing program and dog show. In 1951, the fair honored Ralph M. Barker with a dedicated day. The fair continued to evolve, hosting its first beauty contest in 1956 and its first talent show in 1966, showcasing local talents across various disciplines.

After over five decades at the War Memorial Recreation Center/Carroll County High School, in 2001, the fair moved to its current location on Vincent Weaver Way, offering a modern and expansive setting for the annual festivities. This new venue behind Wal-Mart has seen continuous improvements, ensuring that the Carroll County Fair remains a vibrant and beloved event for the community.

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