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Please note that all contestants, parents, etc., must pay gate admission. Older divisions will be required to show proof of purchase of gate admission upon entrance to the dressing room. Any guests with the contestant must produce this proof as well. If you cannot produce this proof, you will be sent back to the gate to pay. If you choose not to show proof of purchase or go pay when asked, you/your contestant will forfeit the competition. Additionally, there are no refunds; this includes weather refunds or returns. The payment is final. Entering the pageant and the fairgrounds is accepting the pageant rules and regulations.

Mother/Daughter Pageant 

Saturday June 3rd, 7pm 

Deadline June 1st 

All ages welcome to compete 

25.00 per pair-to be paid online 

Attire is anything matching. Judges will focus on the overall cohesiveness of the duo and creativity. 

One winner and 2 runners-up will be named. 

The entry fee does not include gate admission. 

Miss Star Carroll Co Fair Pageant 

Saturday, June 3rd, 8pm 

Entry Fee $25

Open to contestants of all ages with special needs. Please contact Ashlea Beckham for any special accommodations your contestant may need. 

  • Winner and runners up will qualify for Kentucky State Festivals pageant in November

  • Attire is Evening Gown- long to the floor for ages 6 and up, can be long or short cupcake style dress for ages 5 and below. 

  • Contestants will be asked an onstage question about platform- may have help from parents if required. 

  • The deadline to enter the pageant is June 1, at 7 pm.  All entry fees ($25) online payment, Contestant Data Sheets, and a photo must be received on or before the deadline.  

  • The entry fee does not include gate admission.

  • One Queen, a princess, and a duchess will be awarded. 

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