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Please note that all contestants, parents, etc., must pay gate admission. Older divisions will be required to show proof of purchase of gate admission upon entrance to the dressing room. Any guests with the contestant must produce this proof as well. If you cannot produce this proof, you will be sent back to the gate to pay. If you choose not to show proof of purchase or go pay when asked, you/your contestant will forfeit the competition. Additionally, there are no refunds; this includes weather refunds or returns. The payment is final. Entering the pageant and the fairgrounds is accepting the pageant rules and regulations.

Miss Teen Carroll County Fair

Tuesday June 4th

8 pm Entry Fee $50

  • Contestants must be 13 years of age on October 31, and cannot be 16 on October 31, 2024.

  • Interview-There will be a 3-minute interview with a panel of three judges.  You will wear a cocktail dress of your choice. The interview will begin at 6 pm you must be dressed and ready.

  • Opening number-Cocktail dress of your choice.

  • Evening Gown must be long to the floor.

  • Optional Photogenic Award $5 you must bring an 8x10 photo to the pageant.  It will be just after the Interview.

  • There will be a trailer to change in the night of the pageant.  Each contestant will be assigned a room.  Please make sure that you have only 1 person with you in the dressing room.

  • The deadline to enter the pageant is May 31st, at 7 pm.  All entry fees ($50)  online payment, Contestant Data Sheets, and a photo must be received on or before the deadline.  A late fee of $100 if not paid on deadline will be applied.  No Refunds. No exceptions.

  • The entry fee does not include gate admission.

  • Please email the photo and datasheet to carrollkyfair@

*Gate Admission into the pageant must be paid by everyone NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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